Snowflake Christmas Stocking

This stocking tutorial is one of the two that I did for my grandkids last year.  I’m re-sharing in case you missed it.  As you can see, it’s much more detailed than this year’s stockings!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I’ve been sewing some Christmas items for my daughter.  Recently, I made a snowflake Christmas stocking for my grandson, which I’m going to share with you today.

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Snowflake Christmas Stocking

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3/4 yard of white felt
3/4 yard of lining material
Small felt pieces in different colors for snowflakes
1 yard of trim
1/2 yard of ribbon
1 1/2″ wide ribbon – 1 spool  (I used this for cording and button) – optional
1 button
1 wooden letter for initial
Fabric glue


1.  Make stocking pattern.  I used another stocking I had for my pattern.  You can see the dimensions for it in the picture below.  (Note:  the 19″ figure is from the top of the stocking to the bottom of the toe.)


2.  Cut two stockings out of the white felt.  Making sure to reverse the pattern for the back side of the stocking.

3.  Cut out as many snowflakes as you would like for your patterns.  I found some printable snowflake patterns on-line by googling snowflake patterns, and I made a couple of my own patterns.  Play with the snowflake patterns on your stocking front to see how you would like them laid out.  Making sure to leave a space for the ribbon trim at top.


4.  Cut out the snowflakes from your felt pieces.  I couldn’t find felt colors that went with my color scheme, so I painted and glittered my white felt.


5.  Mark a line on the front stocking piece for trim placement.


6.  Glue ribbon and trim along trim line.


7.  Glue snowflakes to stocking front.


8.  Sew cording around all sides of the stocking front, except for top edge. (Optional)


9.  Cut two stocking pieces out of lining fabric.  Making sure that the two pieces are mirrored images.  An easy way to do this is to fold over the lining, so that right sides are together, and cut both pieces at once.


10.  Lay the front stocking piece right side up, and lay matching lining piece right side down on top of it.  Pin top edges.  Sew across the two top edges of the stocking. Press seams open.  Repeat for back felt piece and back lining piece.


11.  Pin and sew front face side to back face side, making sure to match the top seams.  Leaving an opening in the bottom of the lining foot so that stocking can be turned right side out.


You can see here where the opening is left unsewn in the bottom of the foot.


12.  Turn stocking right side out through the opening in the foot.

13.  Sew the opening closed.


14.  Put the lining into the stocking.  Making sure to get the lining all the way down to the toe.

15.  Press the top edges.


16.  Cut out a rectangle for the stocking loop out of the white felt.


17.  Sew loop ends together as shown.


18.  Sew the loop onto the inside of the back of the stocking as shown.


19.  Sew button onto the stocking.


20.  Drill a small hole in the wood letter initial.  Paint the letter.  Thread a small piece of trim through the hole in the letter for hanger.  Hot glue the ends of the trim.


21.  Hot glue the ends of the trim to the backside of the button.

Your stocking is done!  I hope you enjoy it for many years to come!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas stocking tutorial today!

If you make a stocking, please share it with us.  I would love to see your projects!

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  1. Love it! That is a beautiful Stocking! I am going to pin it, I cross stitched all of the kids stockings years ago, but love this idea for when they eventually take their stockings with them.

  2. Hi Joan,
    This stocking is just adorable. I’m definitely going to make one for our one and only grandson. Many thanks for the step-by-step instructions. You’re THE best!

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  4. What a beautiful stocking!
    Thanks for sharing your tutorial on Tutorial Thursdays Linky Party this month. Your Tutorial will be a feature on Tuesday 26th November.
    I look forward to seeing you again in the next month’s linky.
    Marigolds’ Loft

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