Dog-Eared Pillows

You’re probably wondering – what are dog-eared pillows?  They are pillows that have corners that stick out like a dog’s ears.  Some people like their pillows like that, and some don’t.  It’s really a matter of personal preference.

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Dog-Eared Corners from

If you cut your pillows with square corners, they are probably going to stick out a bit.  In the example below, the pillow on the left has square cut corners, and the pillow on the right has had the corners tapered or rounded slightly.


Here’s a close up of the corners.  The difference is kind of subtle.


There’s a simple fix for dog-eared pillows.  Normally pillow squares would be cut like the one in the picture below, with square corners.


You can make a simple adjustment to your corners during the cutting step.  To do this easily, I have made a corner template, that you can see in the picture below.  Starting from 2″ away from corner, there is an angle over 1/2″.  You do this on both sides of the corner, for all four corners.


Once you have cut your tapered corners, just finish off the pillow like you normally would.  I have written a couple of posts about how to make a pillow, and how to hand sew a pillow closed if you have any questions about finishing off the pillow.

So what do you think?  Do dog-eared corners bother you, or not?

I’m partying here!


  1. Could the corners be trimmed even more? The rounded ones still look a little dog eared to me. What are the industry standards? I love your videos! I first discovered you on Craftsy!


    1. Erika, there are no industry standards that I know of. It’s all personal preference, so you can certainly trim the corners even more.

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