How To Make A Basket Liner

I love baskets.  They look great, and are a wonderful way to keep odds and ends organized.  I’m using several baskets on the new shelves in the upcycled TV cabinet in our kitchen.   The baskets are great by themselves, but I decided they needed a little splash of color.  So, I made a liner for each of them, and that’s what today’s sewing tutorial is about – how to make a basket liner.

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How To Make A Basket Liner

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This is a quick and easy sewing project, and it’s a great way to personalize a basket.  You can add the fabric of your choice to coordinate with your room.

The green fabric that I used for these our basket liners is an outdoor fabric from  It’s washable and very durable.  The green color goes great with the other fabrics and accessories in our kitchen.

We’re using the baskets for our grand kid’s coloring and craft supplies, paper towels and plates for the microwave and our electronic gadgets and all of the chargers that go with them.


There are all kinds of different sizes and styles of baskets to choose from.  We have 2 different sizes of baskets for our cabinet.  Two of them are tall narrow strap baskets .  (Shown in the first picture.)  This tutorial is using the figures from those baskets.  You can measure your baskets and use those figures to make your liners.

I also have several of these shallow strap baskets  in the cabinet, and used the same methods to make the liners for them.

shallow basket

How To Make A Basket Liner



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1.  Measure the inside dimensions of the basket.  My basket is a rectangular shaped basket and measured at 7 1/8″ x 11 5/8″ on the inside bottom, and 8 5/8″ x 13″ on the inside top.  (My basket sides angled out at the top)  The inside height measurement is 6 1/4″.

inside basket

2.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the small sides. I added 1″ to my inside bottom measurements, 1 5/8″ to my inside top measurements (needed a little extra to allow the cuff to fold over the outside of the basket, and 3″ to my height measurement (for hem and fold over cuff on the outside of the basket).  If you have a square basket – cut 4 pieces of fabric all the same measurement.

short side piece

3.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric for the long sides.  I added the same to my baskets measurements as I did in step #2.

long cuts

4.  Cut one piece for the bottom.  I added 1″ to my bottom inside measurements for the 1/2″ seam allowances.

bottom cut

5.  Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, sew all four side pieces right sides together.  Making sure to alternate the long and short pieces if you have a rectangular basket.  I used a serger to sew the sides seams, but you could use a regular straight stitch.  Zig-zag or use pinking shears on the edges of seams so that they are finished and don’t fray.

4 sides

6.  Place a pin in the center of each of the four sides on the bottom edges.  Also, pin the center of each side of the bottom piece.

sides pinned


bottom pinned

7.  Pin (right sides together) the bottom piece of fabric to the bottom edges of the sides, matching up the seams of the sides to the corners, and matching the pins in the center of the sides and bottom piece.

bottom pinned to sides

8.  Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, sew the bottom to the sides.  Clipping the fabric at the corners. (I used my straight stitch machine to sew the pieced together.)

corner clipped

9.  Serge the edges of the bottom seams to keep them from fraying.

bottom and sides serged

10.  Turn under 1″the top edge of the liner 1″ to form a hem. Ironing in place.

hem turned

11.  Turn under the fabric again to form hem, and iron.

second hem turn

12.  Top stitch hem.

top stitched


13.  Place the liner in the basket and enjoy!



Do you like to organize with baskets too?  I hope you enjoyed my basket liner tutorial today!

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  1. Great tutorial, and it comes at the perfect time. I am reorganizing my homeschool materials and this way I can make liners for different categories.

  2. Wonderful. Great tutorial. I sew and could easily make these with your good directions. I really like the way your whole setup looks as well. Very nice 🙂

  3. As usual, great tutorial Jann! Pinning for future reference. Have been meaning to tell you how good your new blog template looks! Really clean looking and easy to navigate!

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  5. I just came across your tutorial and I love the look of these liners, but I am having trouble sewing the bottom to the sides at the corners. Could you provide a little more explanation of how you clip the corners and join the corners?

    1. I’m not sure how else to explain, especially since I am not sure what problems you’re having.. Pinning the bottom to the 4 side will help to keep things in place. When you get to the corner, clip as shown, but making sure not to clip to far into where the seam will be. sew up to the corner and then turn the corner and go up the next side. After the bottom is sewn to the sides, I did also put some fray check where I clipped the corners, and serged the seams so that there would not be any fraying. Hope that helps!

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