How To Make A Velvet Pumpkin

Learn how to make a velvet pumpkin with these step-by-step video instructions. These pumpkins are cute, and very easy to make yourself!

As much as I hate to admit it, summer is almost over!  It’s time to start thinking about decorating for fall!

I’ve been noticing cute velvet pumpkins in the stores and on-line the last couple of years, but haven’t bought any because they can be expensive.  I always think to myself – I can make that!

Recently I did figure out how to make them, so today I’m sharing my how to make a velvet pumpkin video tutorial, so you can make your own too!


How To Make A Velvet Pumpkin

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Materials needed to make a velvet pumpkin:  

Velvet fabric
Heavy thread
Long needle
Polyester fiberfill
Hot glue gun
Dry rice or beans
Round objects to make your circles – plates, bowls or even pizza pans.  My 3 sizes are 10″, 12 1/2″ and 15″ in diameter.
Stem – I saved stems from last year’s pumpkins.  You can also ask at a pumpkin farm, or use stems from butternut or acorn squash.


I’ve created a video showing the steps for how to make a velvet pumpkin, and have also written out the steps below:

  1. Cut out your circle shape.
  2. Thread needle and knot double strand.
  3. Hand sew a basting stitch all the way around the circle of fabric.  Gather up fabric.
  4. Place 1/4 cup of rice or beans in the bottom of the pumpkin.
  5. Fill the pumpkin with polyfill.
  6. Tighten basting stitches to close the pumpkin.
  7. Make a couple of stitches across the opening to help close it.
  8. Take a stitch to the bottom of the pumpkin and back up to the top.  Knot your thread.
  9. Hot glue the stem onto the pumpkin.  Covering the opening and stitches.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial for how to make a velvet pumpkin!


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  1. I found you on you tube and followed the velvet pumpkin… after I hunted all over for instructions on how to make them and WOW!!! You rock!! I appreciate your way of teaching! Please come to Baltimore, MD and teach a class with all your creative ways!!!! We need you here!!! I work at a large craft store chain and we would love you!!!!

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