How To Sew A Pillow

This how to sew a pillow video tutorial will help you change the look of a room quickly and easily – just by adding fun throw pillows in different fabrics!

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If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, I’m sure you already know how much I love pillows!  I love everything about decorative throw pillows – choosing the fabric or fabrics, choosing the size and shape of the pillow that will work best for my space, and then sewing the pillow.

I don’t think there’s another home decor item that can so easily change the look of a room.  I talk more about pillows and home decor in this post – The Power Of Pillows

How To Sew A Pillow

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Over the years, I’ve probably made hundreds of pillows, for my own home and for my clients.  Because I’ve made so many pillows, in all shapes and sizes, I’ve come up with some tips and tricks for how to sew a pillow quickly and easily.  That’s what I’m sharing with you today.

This pillow tutorial is for a basic, no frills pillow.  No frills, but can still pack a punch!

This pillow will take you just a few minutes to make.  Really, just a few minutes to change the look of your room!  So here we go.

Materials Needed


**I’ve created a video that shows step-by-step how to sew a pillow.  The steps for fabrication are also written out below.

  1. Cut out 2 squares of fabric for the front and back sides of the pillow.  Squares are cut the same size as the pillow form – don’t add seam allowances.  Our pillow form is 18″ x 18″, so our fabric is cut at 18″ x 18″.  Mark, with a pin, the bottom edges of the pillow to help keep track of them.
  2. (Optional step)If fabric frays easily, serge all four sides of the front and back pieces of fabric.  A zig-zag stitch or pinking shears can also be used.
  3. Pin the front and back right sides together.
  4. Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, sew the two pieces of fabric together, starting 2″ in from the corner on the bottom edge.  Stopping 2″ from the last corner on the bottom edge.  Leaving an opening for the pillow form.
  5. Trim all 4 corners, at an angle, to reduce bulk.  Making sure not to cut too close to the seam stitching.
  6. Making sure all pins have been removed, turn pillow right side out.  It’s helpful to use something such as That Purple Thang to help turn the corners right side out.
  7. Turn the 2 bottom edges under 1/2″ and iron.
  8. Insert pillow form.  If needed – add extra polyester fiberfill to fill out corners.
  9. Pin the two bottom edges together.
  10. Close the bottom edges of the pillow.  There are two ways to do this.  The first method is to hand sew the two pieces of fabric together using a ladder stitch.  Or by machine sewing the bottom edges closed.  Both of these methods are shown in the video tutorial.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this how to sew a pillow tutorial!  Happy sewing!


  1. I have missed getting emails from you. So glad to get your email today. I make all my pillows by your instructions! Love your tutorials.

    1. Yes, I am fine. Some big life changes have happened. Moved to be closer to our daughter who had her 4th and 5th babies in 2020. Twins! Helping her a lot with all of the kids. In-laws needed a lot of care, etc. It’s good to be back! Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Oh, boy!! What a wonderful tutorial!! I just spent 2 HOURS on YouTube and Pinterest to find simple instructions for outdoor pillows. Yours, hands down, is the easiest to follow with super clear instructions and close-up video of each step. Clear, concise and now I know EXACTLY what to do. I will head back here as I gain confidence to try new ideas/projects. Thank you very much, Jann❣️

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