My Favorite Fabric Markers

Hi everyone!  The last few weeks, I’ve been sharing some of my favorite sewing notions and scissors, and today I’m going to be sharing my favorite fabric markers.

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My Favorite Fabric Markers from Here are my 3 favorite fabric markers to use for sewing projects.

I think having the right fabric marker for your sewing project is pretty important.  There are a lot of different types of fabric markers out there, and it’s a good idea to pick the one that will work best for each sewing project.

A word of caution though – there’s one type of fabric marker that I would suggest you NOT use on your fabrics.  That is colored fabric chalk.  I bought a box of these fabric chalk markers when I first started my business, I’ve probably had them 14 or 15 years.

Chalk Fabric Markers

The marks that I make with the white chalk markers from this set will disappear if I rub the chalk off, but the colored chalk marks don’t come off the fabric.

I once used the blue chalk marker to mark some buttonholes for a client’s shower curtain, and I was horrified when the blue marks wouldn’t come off!  So, lesson learned, always test your fabric markers first on a scrap piece of fabric to make sure the marks will disappear.

My Favorite Fabric Markers

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I’ve created a short video showing the three fabric markers that I love to use for my different sewing projects, and then they are listed below the video.

  1. Disappearing Ink Marking Pen by Dritz – This marking pen uses air & water soluble ink.  So, the marks that you make on your fabric can be removed right away with a wet cloth, or they will disappear on their own in 24-72 hours.  I use this type of fabric marker if I’m going to be marking and sewing my project all in one day.  Once, I used this type of marker to mark my pleats for some draperies, and then after a couple of days went back to complete the project.  Unfortunately, my marks had already disappeared!  Oops!
  2. Mark-B-Gone Marking Pen by Dritz – This fabric marker uses only water soluble ink, so your marks on your fabric can only be removed if you wipe them with a damp cloth.   Great for projects that you can’t finish right away.
  3. Clover Pen-Style White Chalk Marker  – I love this white chalk marker because it has a wheel that makes it glide over the fabric very easily.  It’s great to use for dark fabrics, and wipes off very easily.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at different fabric markers today!  Do you have favorite ways that you like to mark your fabric?

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all of your sewing essentials with us. It is very helpful. I have already placed several of these items on my Christmas wish list! Thanks again.

  2. This is a lot a great information for an “once in a while sewers” like me. I never had any idea colored chalk would stain fabric. Great info. I can only hem and shorten, but I admire those who can make magic with fabric. Thanks for your visit to my blog and viewing the “ghost video.”

  3. Jan, Are there any fabric markers you would recommend to “color” fabric. I have located a lovely trim but the color in the design fades out. Having a more distinct color would look so much nicer


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