Petals Pillow

As you all know, I love making and decorating with pillows!  My granddaughter has a cute room, and it’s so fun picking out the fabrics and pillow styles for her.  I love this petals pillow style, and decided it would be a perfect to make for a little girl’s room.

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Petals Pillow from Learn how to make this fun pillow with this step-by-step sewing tutorial.

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Petals Pillow

Materials needed:  


If you need more detailed instructions for pillow construction, please see my  How To Make A Pillow and Hand Sew A Pillow Closed – An Easy Tutorial posts.

1.  Cut out front and back pieces at 16″ X 12″.


2.  Cut out 160 circles for the petals.  You can use a bottle that you have around the house.  My circles are approximately 2″ in diameter.  There are 32 flowers on the pillow, and 5 petals in each flower, so 160 petals are needed.


Here are all of the circles cut out.  I found it easiest to keep all of the petals in a small box to keep them together during the different sewing phases.


3.  Fold each petal in half, and sew and few angled stitches across one corner.


Here is a picture of the petal opened up after on corner has been sewn.


4.  Mark the pillow front with dots where you would like the flowers to be.  Here is a sketch of how I figured the flower placement for my 16″ X 12″ pillow.


Here is the pillow front with the dots marked with a fabric marking pen.


5.  With each petal folded in half, place and sew first layer of petals.  Just sew a few stitches where first stitches were sewn on petal corner.  (Step 3)


6.  Each flower has 5 petals, so continue sewing petals on the pillow front.  One layer at a time.  Each layer moves around in a circle, like a pin wheel.  Make sure to unfold or open up the petal already sewn on before adding the next layer.   Here is a picture of the second layer.


A completed flower with the 5 petals.  After the 5th layer of petals is sewn on, unfold and finger press open this layer open.


7. With right sides together, sew pillow front to back.  Clip corners, and insert pillow form.

8.  Hand sew pillow closed.

Enjoy your cute new pillow!

Learn how to make this fun petals pillow with this step-by-step tutorial!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this pillow tutorial!

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  1. Oh wow, this is totally amazing. I love your tutorial. This would definitely be a labor of love. I hope you will link this up to my Inspire Me party that goes live tomorrow afternoon. This is definitely an inspiring project. Hugs, Marty

  2. Jann, I have been waiting for a tutorial for these pillows! I love them! Thank you! Wouldn’t a quilting fabric be heavy enough for the petals? Thanks, Janice

  3. Jann, this is gorgeous. I make a lot of pillows so I can imagine all the patience that went into this one. Your granddaughter is a lucky girl!!

  4. I have been eyeing these pillows for some time. You make it look so easy to make. Now I have no excuse.. Thank you for such a great tutorial… Cathy

  5. Wow, this is beautiful, I love your super clear step by step instructions. I would have imagined you’d done it slightly differently so to see the step by step was great. Definitely worth the effort.

  6. This is so awesome, I’m going to make one for my daughter. Quick question, the petals, did you hand sew them or tack each layer with the machine?

  7. This pillow reminds me of the hydrangeas in my flower garden. Are the petals sewn by machine or hand sewn?

  8. i realy love this pillow, you’re eye for detail is perfect.
    The only thing to make it a bling bling pillow is to put strass whit a glue gun in the middel of the flower..
    But i like it this way, thank you.


  9. Unless I missed it, did you sew the petal corners by hand, then sew them by hand on the pillow cover or by machine. Are the petal layers sewn on by hand? Thank you

    Beautiful pillow!

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