My Favorite Sewing Scissors

Anybody who sews, knows how important good sewing scissors are!  They can make or break a sewing project.  Today, I’m going to share with you 5 of my favorite sewing scissors.  They each have a special job – something specific that they are very good at.

My Favorite Sewing Scissors from I have several favorite sewing scissors, and they each have a special job!

Most sewists are very protective of their fabric scissors!  We all know what happens when our good fabric scissors are used to cut paper!  (Quick tip – Don’t cut batting with your good fabric scissors either, it will dull them just like paper will.)

My Favorite Sewing Scissors

I’ve created a quick video that shows each of my favorite scissors,  and why I like each one.  The scissors are also listed below the video.

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  1. Fiskars Soft Touch Spring Action scissors – I use these scissors as my go-to everyday scissor.  They have a spring action, so they are great if you have arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome.  Very comfortable to use all day.
  2. KAI 5210 Ergonomics 8″ dressmaking shears – I like these scissors because they aren’t too long, and also because they will easily cut through many layers of fabric.
  3. Gingher 4″ embroidery scissors – I have a pair of these next to each of my sewing machines.  They’re great to cut my threads after I’m done sewing a seam, or if I just need a small pair of scissors for a small cutting job.
  4. Nippers by Golden Eagle – these are great for cutting lots of threads.  They have a spring action like the Fiskars, so they make short work of cutting several threads.  I use them when I’ve sewn my pleats into a panel, and have all of my threads to cut.
  5. KAI Rubber Stamping Shears – I use these scissors when I need to cut a large thickness, such as a large piece of cording.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my favorite sewing scissors!

What are your favorite sewing scissors to use for your sewing projects?

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Jann! I have the nippers and use them a lot when hand sewing but I LOVE those stamping scissors! Question about the first ones you shared, the Fiskars soft touch- will they cut through 2 layers ok? I would mostly be using them on fashion fabric, not upholstery. There are days my fibromyalgia is acting up and regular shears are a bit painful- thinking these could really be helpful!.

    1. Caroline, I don’t have any problem cutting through two layers with the Fiskars Soft Touch. I’ll bet they will be helpful with your fibromyalgia.

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