Zig-Zag Pillow

I’ve been wanting to try to make a Zig-Zag pillow for a while. Recently I found this great striped fabric, and decided to try to make one.  I knew that matching all of the stripes was going to be tricky, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  Here’s how I ended up making this pillow.

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How To Make A Crazy Zig-Zag Pillow from NewtonCustomInteriors.com

How To Make A Zig-Zag Pillow

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Materials needed for a 9″ x 15″ pillow:

10″ x 16″ pillow form – you can find instructions form making a pillow form here.
3/4 yard of a striped fabric


First of all, I have to tell you that I goofed when I cut out my fabric.  I just quickly folded my two pieces of fabric on the bias without really thinking about how the stripes would match up.  Luckily, I had just enough material to cut out two more pieces the right way.  So, I don’t have any pictures of that part of the tutorial, but I did find another piece of striped fabric to show you the right and wrong way to fold and cut out the fabric.  That’s why you’ll see two different colored fabrics in the pictures.

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1.  Cut fabric in half.



2.  Fold and cut each piece of fabric on the bias as shown below.  Folding the fabric this way will give you the zig-zag affect that you want.


Don’t fold and cut as shown below!  (This is what I did the first time).


3.  Seam together two of the bias cut pieces, choosing the two pieces that will zig-zag the stripes.  This will be the face side of the the pillow.  In order to make sure that my stripes matched up, I glue-basted the seam first, and then sewed it.  Repeat this step for the other two pieces of bias cut fabric for the reverse side of the pillow.


4. After seaming the first two pieces, cut out your pillow face.  My pillow was going to be a finished size of 9″ x 15″, so I cut my fabric at 10″ x 16″.



5.  Lay the seamed face piece right side down onto the right side of the seamed reverse side piece, matching the seams and stripes.  Again, to make sure that all of the stripes would match up, I glue basted.  This time, I glue basted around 3 sides of the pillow, leaving the 4th side open.  Then cut out the reverse side, using the face side as pattern.


6.  Sew front and back sides together.

7.  Insert pillow form.

8.  Hand-sew pillow opening closed.  You can find instructions here.

I was thrilled with how cute the pillow turned out.



The top and bottom seams matched up.


I love how the two side seams turned out too.


Each of them different.


I’m partying here!

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Savvy Southern Style


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  2. To be honest Jann, I never thought Zig-Zag pillow could look so good. TFS this wonderful post. You just found a new fan. 🙂

  3. What a great selection of colors. You did a wonderful job matching those stripes. You really too precision to a whole new level. TFS, I’ll be sharing those with HelloSewing’s followers

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